Saturday, April 14, 2007

The felling of love

Growing up, the felling of some one loving you is important... I was love for a little while when I was young and 'easy' to mange... my mom stopped loving me sometime between my 6Th grade year of school and my 8Th grade year... I missed that felling so much that I started to search for it every where... thinking that maybe something could make up for it... Then I found someone who loved me and for awhile everything was perfect... but in the end... I realised that it wasn't real... the problem is that I look for love everywhere... I want it so much that I really started to push it away... and now I'm so obsessed with it that it is everything to me... But Im working on stopping wanting it so much... It isnt easy but Im working on it the resriant it takes is alot...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

an 'article' about firey toungs

I recently found this article about 'emotional' abuse....
Growing Up everyone always learned the saying "sticks and stones can break my bones....but words can never hurt me..." while nice when we are young how utterly and truly wrong that saying is sticks, stones, those break bones.... and words...words have more furry then anything else... when told enough times that you are "worthless" or a "failure" you start to believe it.... Heck! even simple things like "oh why cant you be like your sister" or "don't you understand I just want whats best for you" People controlling other people... thats all this is about... What people need to understand is... in America you have the right to chose for your self (on most matters) and you never have to do what others want you to.
The reason why Emotional goes unreported is because of fear... fear of disapproving parents... Fear that it is just another thing your 'doing wrong' or another mistake to add to you list.... But it isnt when you take a chance and stand up for yourself! when you do you will feel safe agian and trust me safe is a great feeling....Please read this 'article'

Monday, April 9, 2007

Signs of Emotional Abuse

Physical Indicators:

  • Eating disorders, including obesity or anorexia.
  • Speech disorders (stuttering, stammering).
  • Developmental delays in the acquisition of speech or motor skills.
  • Weight or height level substantially below norm.
  • Flat or bald spots on head (infants).
  • Nervous disorders (rashes, hives, facial tics, stomach aches).

Behavioral Indicators:

  • Habit disorders (biting, rocking, head-banging).
  • Cruel behavior, seeming to get pleasure from hurting children, adults or animals; seeming to get pleasure from being mistreated.
  • Age-inappropriate behaviors (bedwetting, wetting, soiling).
  • Behavioral extremes, such as overly compliant-demanding; withdrawn-aggressive; listless-excitable.

Observable Indicators

  • child rocks, sucks, bites self
  • inappropriately aggressive,
  • destructive to others
  • suffers from sleep, speech disorders
  • restricts play activities or experiences
  • demonstrates compulsions, obsessions, phobias, hysterical outbursts

Behavioral Indicators in Child

  • negative statements about self
  • shy, passive, compliant
  • lags in physical, mental and emotional development
  • self destructive behavior
  • highly aggressive
  • cruel to others
  • overly demanding

Family or Parental Indicators

  • blames or puts down child
  • is cold and rejecting
  • indifferent to child's problems or welfare
  • withholds affection
  • shows preferential treatment when there is more than one child in the family